Why Your Grout Color Has Changed & Tips to Avoid It in Belleville, IL

Grout color can change over time, giving your surfaces a cheap appearance, even though you never intended for it to happen. However, this change in grout color can signal a significant issue, requiring prompt attention. Correctly repairing shower tile grout is essential to prevent future damage, and Allstar Carpet & Upholstery is here to help with professional service in Belleville, IL.

Before reaching out to us, we recommend reading this article, which will delve into four reasons behind grout discoloration and how to restore it to its original color. This will help you avoid problems like grout cracks and leaks.

What Causes Grout Discoloration?

Grout, primarily composed of cement, sand, and water, is used to fill masonry joints. Several factors can affect grout color, including:

Sunlight: Over time, sunlight exposure and the quality of grout used can lead to color changes. Sun rays, with their strong UV rays, can cause grout to discolor similarly to how our skin ages prematurely with sun exposure. Proper care is essential to protect your grout.

Improper Installation: Inadequate installation can damage grout. Epoxy grout is commonly used to ensure product quality, as it is more durable than cement-based grout. “Pigment” is another material that can cause discoloration when not installed correctly, particularly during hot or dry applications.

Inappropriate Cleaning Methods: Avoid exposing grout to chemicals like chlorine bleach and acids, as they can permanently damage its color properties. Using improper cleaners is a common cause of grout color changes. Opt for high-quality, neutral cleaning products to maintain grout cleanliness.

Mold & Stains: Mold development behind tiles due to dampness or moisture is a common reason for grout color changes. Properly sealing grout with bleach-free products is crucial. Additionally, letting spills sit for extended periods can lead to stains that regular cleaning may not remove.

How To Avoid Future Damage

To prevent further damage, you must act quickly. High-traffic areas can wear down grout seals quickly. Consider sealing grout regularly with appropriate products to mitigate discoloration. Of course, quality matters. Opt for high-quality grout and grout products to minimize issues. Epoxy grout is a great choice for long-lasting results compared to cement-based grout.

By following these tips and choosing epoxy grout, you can significantly reduce the risk of grout discoloration and keep your surfaces looking their best. However, if you are looking for the job to be done with real expertise, look no further than Allstar Carpet & Upholstery.

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