How to Get Rid of Returning Carpet Stains in Your Fairview Heights, IL Home

Having a stain on your carpet in your Fairview Heights, IL home can be unappealing. You may have your carpet professionally cleaned and notice that a stain has returned. This can also happen after steam cleaning. This is due to something called wicking. Here we will be discussing wicking and how you can prevent wicking carpet stains from occuring.


The Process of Wicking

Wicking is the process of when a fabric is left in liquid and that liquid travels up to the top of the liquid. If that liquid has a color to it, it will cause a stain. We are often taught about wicking in school as a science lesson, but you do not want that on the carpet in your Fairview Heights, IL home.

For a wick stain to stay, it has to settle down all the way into the backside of the carpet or the padding underneath it. When a stain is that deep, it will wick upwards and stain the carpet, even after it has been cleaned. This is why cleaning these kinds of stains with liquid cleaner can often make the problem worse. For example, if you spill some fruit juice on your carpet and try to use a liquid cleaner to get it out, you are actually pushing the fruit juice liquid down further and spreading it around, making the problem worse.

Preventing and Removing Wick Carpet Stains

Stain Cleaner

The best way to avoid these stains from becoming a problem is to clean up any liquid you may happen to spill on your carpet. Make use of towels and fans the best you can. The sooner you act the less likely that liquid is going to work its way down. If all else fails and you end up with a wick stain on your carpet the only true solution is to hire a cleaning company that has the knowledge and experience to get these deep stains out of your carpet for good. They can use their own equipment and by also using water, they can dilute the stain, removing it from your carpet for good. It is best to remember to stick to the professionals when it comes to wick stain removal as trying to remove these stains yourself can often have disastrous results.

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